For the love of Layering - Elle Louise

For the love of layering

We are thrilled to welcome Elle Louise to Samira’s Closet! The Elle Louise collections are artfully handcrafted to create luxurious statements that you’ll always treasure. With styles differing in lengths, this is the perfect collection to layer necklace upon necklace. With both contemporary classic designs and fashion forward statements, there is something for every style.

Minimal meets bohemian is the essence of the brand and it is this style that has attracted top tiered fashion mavens across the world. Whether you’re pairing your necklace with ripped jeans and a white tee or layering over a special occasion dress, your Elle Louise styles will be sure to steal the show!

With the meticulously hand crafted details of the Elle Louise collections, each stone may vary slightly in colour or pattern – your style will be unique just for you!